I almost want to start this blog by telling you my long why about writing this blog; But I will save that for another blog post so that you and I can focus; plus, I don’t want you to run for the hill thinking that you should run for the hill and go start a side hustle today. My short version of my story is that it all started with Capitalism… Here is the good news, I won’t bore you with my rant about how capitalism is good and bad; if you follow me long enough you will get the gist; However today, I want to explore and focus how to start a side hustle because Covid19 doesn’t care about capitalism; Events like the covid19 pandemic only reveals the flaws of our capitalist world.

How can a side hustle help you cope with a stressful time?

As the Covid19 pandemic brings us to a slow halt, we’ve lost our normal day to day grind, that also means that some of you have been stressed with the thought that this slow down could mean a job loss and for some of you, you’ve already experienced the stress of unemployment (I am sorry that you are going through that). Regardless of the stress level you are experiencing, I empathize because I am on the same boat. So let’s figure this out together.

Everybody react to stress differently. But regardless of where you are, when you start a side hustle, you change your mindset to start looking forward to something. Every step you take towards building your side hustle, helps you increase in hope, courage, knowledge, productivity… all of which increases your endorphins to believe in something positive.

This mindset shift will help you attract the money you need to survive and get through this difficult time. The key is to keep moving.

Why is it necessary to have a side hustle?

Here is my disclaimer. I am a side hustle queen. I believe that in today’s world, where companies no longer provide pensions as a retirement plan, we have to choose between living life to the fullest in our youth or working until our body literally can no longer move.

I started side hustling to save for retirement and to be able to afford the little pleasures in life that would have required for me to sacrifice part of my salary in order to be able to enjoy those things (such as vacation trips or expensive blenders or a nice pair or jeans).

Today’s hustle is not just important for living, it is necessary for survival and weathering hard time. Events like the rise of unemployment due to Covid19 can only be conquered with hope and actions steps towards a positive outcome.

How to choose the right side hustle?

Side hustles are thought to be part-time gigs that you take on outside of your job to earn few pennies. It can be as easy and small as turning a hobby into an activity that brings you few pennies or it can be as complex and big as building a successful business that allows you to earn as much as your salary if not more.

With that in mind, you can define a side hustle however you’d like. The key to choosing and starting the right side hustle for you, is to define what you want to accomplish.

  • Are you looking to save for a specific event or purchase?
  • Are you looking to pay off credit cards or get out of debt?
  • Are you looking to save for your children’s college?
  • Are you going through a tough time and need an extra few dollars?
  • Are you tired of or bored with your current job and are looking for something to re-ignite your passion?
  • Do you feel like you provide more value at your job than you are being paid for?
  • Are you looking to make more money than you’ve ever made in your life?
  • Are you looking to have more time with your children while working from home?

Answering these questions will help you find out “how much money you need your side hustle to generate?”.

The second question you will answer is: How much time do you have to generate that money?

3 legit side hustles that you can start today:

Another disclaimer: I am not affiliated to some of these services but I do participate in and affiliate with few of those services

  • Finacial Advisor: Becoming a financial adviser isn’t the most difficult of tasks. As a financial adviser, you can be a generalist who helps people find their financial independence number and map a plan that will get them from where are currently to where they want to be (Financial GPS); or you can also choose to specialize in a particular niche or topic. But it all start with providing a customer with a Financial Independence Number (FIN). Financial advisors can help consumers save on big financial transactions that eat away at their savings such as: income protection insurance, car insurance, asset management, mortgage insurance, mortgage loans, …etc. There is a certification and training program for each of those subjects. Out of all the companies that sell you the financial advisory business, I love Primerica’s model and opportunity. I will share more in subsequent post. Here is an outlook of what you will need to get started:
    • Investment: One time fee of $49 and $25 subsequently to user their online tool
    • Education: Free training; Free Certifications as long as you pass the tests
    • Time to get started: Hit the ground running right away as you will be trained by your personal Accountability Coach
    • Business model:
      • Earn residual income independently on multiple products and services;
      • Built a team and earn overrides on what the team makes
    • Income potential: There are more the few million dollar earners associated with Primerica


  • Affiliate marketer: An affiliate marketer is a product or service promoter. An affiliate marketer acts as someone who refers others to a business/product; It’s someone that gains the trust of the audience and shares with its audience the value of a product. He/she serves as the connector between the consumer and the producer. The affiliate marketer earns a commission for this connection upon a completed transaction. Also, an affiliate marketer can promote one or many products depending on his/her niche. The best training for an affiliate marketer that I’ve found so far is: Wealthy Affiliate
    • Investment: This is a subscription model where they have a freemium (free version) and a premium version (paid version). You can choose to pay for the subscription for a starting fee of $19 for the first month and $49 per month after the first month.
    • Education: Education provided as part of the membership subscription
    • Time to get started: You will be assigned to a Coach; but your training will guide you to completing the tasks to start your business.
    • Business model:
      • Learn how to become an affiliate marketer
      • Promote the WA and earn money as well
    • Income potential: The sky is the limit, you make your goal and work to achieve it. There are folks making $10,000 per month and others making more.


  • Independent distributor: Unlike an affiliate marketer an Independent distributor picks a product or signs up with a site that makes or sales the product, to sell the specific product. There are many companies that partners with Independent Distributors; Companies like: Paparazzi Jewelries allows its Independent Distributor to earn between 35% to 75% of the sales.
    • Investment: Depends on the site, but for most site you buy the first set of product; For Paparazzi, the first kit is $99 and a $4.95 monthly for the online tool
    • Education: Get trained by the people who invited you into the business
    • Time to get started: ASAP; post your links and start selling
    • Business model:
      • Earn a commission between 35 – 75%
      • Earn from your downline
    • Income potential: You can make between $50 per week to $1000 per week. It depends on how much you want to work

Why doesn’t everyone pursue a side hustle?

Above, I shared about why it’s important to have a side hustle; however the truth is that a side hustle ins’t for everyone. Not everyone can change their habit from being told what to do, to creating their own work environment.

To successfully start a side hustle, one has to stop thinking like an employee. When you are working as an employee, you are used to having a supervisor who checks on your work and performance; and tells you what to do through (hopefully) constructive criticism. And you are rewarded with a salary regardless of how much or little you work.

As a side hustle, you get to create your own work environment. If you work 2 hours that day, you reap that day’s worth of efforts; if you work 10 hours that day, you also reap what you put in. The amount of money you make is a direct correlation with how much you work.

This may be attractive to some, but requires a mindset shift for most. Those of us who are successful in side hustling, we know that being your own boss and working from home isn’t always easy. You have to create in your self-motivation that pushes you to wake up, dress up and tackle the day by yourself and for yourself.


Starting a side hustle is super beneficial in creating additional income or replacing your current income. During the Covid19 pandemic, starting a side hustle can occupy your mind and help you focus on a positive outcome; which creates endorphins. Side hustling isn’t for everyone as it requires a mindset shift from being an employee to becoming the boss. I’ve given you three legit side hustles that you can start today that has very low barrier to entry and can be easily learned.


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  1. I agree that if you want to change your results that you have to change your mindset.  I did experience a reduction in income myself due to the virus.  However, I refused to let that beat me down.  I just kept having faith that I would find something to keep a roof over my head and food on the table.   

    I wanted to find a stream of income that I could generate from home and was able to find that with a company that took inbound calls for info commercials.  I have a lot of phone sales experience so it was a natural fit.  I am just starting to get into affiliate marketing as I plan to have that become my main source of income. 

    There are countless of gigs that you can create on Fiverr as well.  I would also suggest reading books to provide ideas.  Just think of your personal passions and figure a way to provide value and monetize it.  Create a list of subscribers that trust you and then you have free marketing .  

    • Sam, you are absolutely correct. There are countless of side hustles out there. I hope that I can continue to bring those good ideas to the public and give them direction on the ones that will provide the bang for their buck.

      It’s great that you were able to change your mindset in order to increase your success!

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing this information on the topic titled; start a side hustle online, Covid-19 to propel your income. The occurence of this global pandemic has Indeed given the majority a need to put up a side hustling… It is a correct saying that today’s hustle is not just important for a living but it t is indeed necessary for survival and weathering hard time.. Affiliate Marketting is a nice choice for a side hustle, I am an affiliate marketter and it has really been helpful. 

  3. ever since the breakout of the ravaging pandemic covid-19 a lot of persons have lost their jobs, and they’ve constantly had money issues. if you’re reading this review then you should be lucky cuz you ought to have started the journey on how to start a side Hustle.. I will say that you recommend is also to everyone around you to help their money issues as well…

    thanks for sharing such an informative review

  4. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. The importance of side hustle since the outbreak of Covid 19 cannot be overemphasize as it has been a source of passive income to many. Nevertheless, the features of Affiliate marketing is quiet interesting I must say. I am considering adding it to my previous side hustle (blogging). Because it is very good to have multiple stream of income

  5. This is a highly topical post as I am very interested in how business and more importantly how people will sustainably make a living post C19. Job loss and unemployment is of serious concern for so many. “Side hustling” sounds like a helpful idea. Becoming a Financial advisor is indeed an option and I was interested to see you suggest the idea of becoming an Independent distributor.  Affiliate marketing is well established.  Do you see this as being sustainable?  Apart from “Wealthy Affiliate”, are there any other Affiliate Marketing options you would suggest? Which sectors do you think will be worthwhile after this pandemic has been controlled or when we learn to live with it?

    • Trevor,

      The financial advisory program has made many millionaires and there are folks who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

      I do believe that the Primerica’s program is most sustainable compared to others.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the easiest and much lucrative affiliate programs out there. Yes, there are others. In the next few weeks I will bring more information about these programs to you all.

  6. Hey Tinovia! You provide great insight on your article, thank you so much. I have personally started on affiliate marketing and I can see why you recommend it. The greatest thing about it is that you get to know amazing information about a topic you are passionate about. If you want to shake your daily routine and find new revitalizing energy, do give affiliate marketing a try. Great advice on what it takes to be a side hustler, as well. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Majo! I am glad you found the article useful. Thank you also for the advice on Affiliate marketing. I think it’s a great way to start learning about online business.

  7. One major issue with side hustle which in this context is working from home is that you do not have a boss to constantly check on your work giving you a deadline which keeps you on edge. Working from home is very different. You have only yourself to keep you accountable for all you do. It needs a special kind of mindset because nobody would keep track of your progress. You have to motivate yourself on a regular basis and be willing to put in a lot of work to get what you want. It is a side hustle that is very beneficial as long as you do what you are supposed to do and keep at it.

    • Manuel, that is a good point you make. Being your own boss is definitely a great side effect of starting a #sidehustle

  8. I am laughing at your title only because I call my 2 websites my side hustle. Most people look at me and gomehat are you talking about. 

    I have chosen affiliate marketing as my side hustle.  I do find that it is relaxing to do something that work wise that you have a passion for.  Anyone wanting to start the journey definitely needs to be committed. As you said you get out what you put in for time. I really enjoyed your post so thanks.

    • I am glad that my title made you laugh. Side hustling is very important these days and is needed to supplement our low salaries as our cost of living is continuously increasing.

      Thank you for the comment

  9. Reading your post brings to mind a quote from one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett “Find a way to make money in your sleep or you’ll work until the day you will work to the day you die”. If that isnt the truth, but how many of us are taught go to school and get a good job? This way of thinking is one of the hardest cycles to break. Don’t get me me wrong,there’s nothing wrong with going to school, knowledge is what will prepare you when opportunity comes and there is nothing wrong with working a job – you have to do what you gotta do to get you to where you want to be. It is an absolute must for one to invest themselves or in your words one will end up “working until our body literally can no longer move.” Thank you for putting together a list of legit side hustles for anyone that is looking for a way!

    • I love that quote. Thank you for sharing. For those of us who want it and care to work for it, the sky is the limit for sure.

  10. Hi Tinovia,

    You’ve really shown your prowess as side hustle queen by tackling the most important setback and that’s mindset. Side hustling is also hard work and the perfect example of earning in proportion to the time and effort invested. I’ve taken the leap with affiliate marketing and appreciate that option of Financial Advisor. I’ll definitely be looking at that more closely as another option.

    We are Blessed.

    • Mark,

      you will love being a financial advisor. it’s very rewarding and pays great residual income. I know that putting in the hard work for few years as a financial advisor can definitely increase chances of retiring early with a lump sum in your bank.

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